St John’s Bizarre

Aunt Becky’s is excited to return to the St John’s Bizarre on May 12th from 10am to 6pm.

The Bizarre follows the 55th annual St John’s parade in the downtown St John’s neighborhood at the intersections of N Philadelphia St between N Lombard and N Ivanhoe St in Portland

Portland has several nicknames, including Bridge City, as a reference to the 12 bridges spanning the Willamette River that separates the City from east to west. The St John’s bridge designer, David Steinman, expressed a personal preference for the St. Johns bridge, saying, “If you asked me which of the bridges I love best, I believe I would say the St. Johns bridge. I put more of myself into that bridge than any other bridge.” I love the St John’s Bridge as well and chose it for a recent paint night date. I opted for a spring blossom picture. My boyfriend John painted the bridge with the all seeing eye (for you non geeks, it’s from Lord of the Rings). 

The City of Portland loves its bridges. Portland also loves Weird. “Keep Portland Weird” is a bumper sticker frequently seen around town. To celebrate the weird uniqueness that is Portland , the St. John’s Bizarre is aptly named Bizarre rather the Bazaar. Aunt Becky fits right in. 


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