Franz Bakery

Franz Bakery is a Portland institution. Like many elementary school kids growing up in Portland, my second grade class went on a field trip to Franz Bakery. The grand finale was a free mini loaf of bread for each child. It was adorable. A-DO-RABLE! I’m not exaggerating. 

(My first grade school picture. Because I’m too lazy to scan my second grade picture at the moment.)

Growing up with three siblings, I learned at an early age to hide my chocolate marshmallow Santa from my Christmas stocking or it would disappear. So when I received my adorable mini loaf of bread, I knew what to do. I hid it. Under my bed. For three weeks. Until I was ready to eat it. Sadly, it turned into a mini loaf of black mold. I’m pretty sure I cried from disappointment. 

(From left to right, my little sister Heather, my brother Danny, me and my older sister Rachel.)

Fast forward to last December. My new work gives each employee a gift that you get to choose, based on your years of service, and order online. I was VERY excited about my hoodie sweatshirt. Unfortunately, I didn’t order my gift correctly and there was no gift delivered. My second grade self was so disappointed. I actually cried. I went into my boss Sarah’s office to cry privately for a minute. She was very kind even though I knew I was being a little silly. I told her about my mini loaf of bread. 

As part of my 2017 resolutions, I decided I would at least try to get a replacement mini loaf of bread. I sent an email to Franz Bakery with my story and my request. Mary, the tour guide at Franz, responded the next day. She told me that Portland no longer makes mini loaves of bread. But…the Alaska bakery makes mini loaves for special events and she would ask them to send ship a loaf to Portland in April. 

As my nephew Lincoln says when he gets excited, “Oh baby!” Mary was good on her word. I almost cried when she handed me a mini loaf of bread. 

Mary at Franz Bakery was generous enough to include FOUR mini loaves of bread, a sourdough loaf and a peach cobbler loaf. She also included a nice tote and a few baker hats. 

Heaven! More to come on how I shared and enjoyed my mini loaves of bread. 


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