Congratulations Anna!

My beautiful niece Anna graduated from the 8th grade last night. 

She received one of three awards for “most improved in humanities” (advocating and caring for those less fortunate the you). Anna is so thoughtful and kind. I could not be a more proud Auntie. 

Today, I cried my eyes out. She’s so grown up and I feel like I’m missing “everything”. So I called my sister Heather who tsked and soothed and comforted. Then she sent me a Sephora gift card for some shopping therapy. After purchasing a mascara sampler while eating a pint of ice cream, I took a three hours nap. All is well. 

Okay I’m still a little sad. But I am not missing “everything”. I’ve attended tap practice and recitals, colored pictures and made crafts, and snugged in the wee hours of the morning and late at night. Anna and I have jumped in the ocean waves together and dived for treasures in the pool. Now I’m sharing makeup tips and sending her funny Harry Potter pins on Pinterest. So yeah, she’s growing up. But I’ll always be her Auntie 🙂


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