Aunt Becky’s special jams, fruit butters, marmalades and sauces are filled with simple ingredients and love. Fruit is sourced from local Oregon and southwest Washington farms and processed in small batches. Citrus fruit is purchased from family-owned farms in California.

Ingredients are chosen with care. Organic cane sugar and demerara cane sugar (coarse unrefined cane sugar) and non-GMO pectin are grown and produced in America. Jars, packaging and other products are also made in America, whenever possible. To ensure quality and safety, Aunt Becky’s maintains a current domestic kitchen license and food handlers’ certificate. Recipes are created or referenced for many fruits, if you want more than just a spoon.

For the love of jam…and more….

Aunt Becky’s was created because of love. Love for my nieces Anna, Grace and Lily and my nephews Andy, Lincoln, Wyatt and Samuel. Love for Oregon summers. Love of fruit picked fresh from local farms. Love of my hands turning purple and red from processing berries. Love of my two sisters and brother. Love poured into me from God through the people He puts into my life. Love of, let’s be honest, sugar. Love of giving and sharing my passion. Love of freedom and joy. Love of jam.

Aunt Becky’s jam is lovingly referred to as “Aunt Becky’s Special Jam”. When my niece Anna started the second grade, she announced that she would no longer eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches “without Aunt Becky’s Special Jam”.

Oh how I loved it! Then I realized that I had created three, soon to be more, little jam addicts. So the jam production increased. Then the special flavors and combinations expanded.

One of my favorite authors is Alan Bradbury who wrote the Flavia de Luce books about an 11 year old girl named Flavia living in England in the 1950’s. Flavia loves Horehound candy like I love jam. “Horehound sticks are meant to be shared with friends, don’t you think? She was dead wrong about that: Horehound sticks were meant to be gobbled down in solitary gluttony, and preferably in a locked room, but I didn’t dare say that.” Alan Bradley, The Weed that Strings the Hangman’s Bag.

There’s only one problem with Aunt Becky’s jam…it is addicting. Sometimes the “recipe” only requires a large spoon and a closet where you can hide from your children so you don’t have to share. Any way you like, I hope you soon feel about Aunt Becky’s “special” jams, fruit butters, marmalades and sauces like Anna does, and nothing else will quite suffice.


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