Quality & Safety

Aunt Becky’s strives to make products that are both delicious and safe. Quality and safety are of utmost importance. Business and personal food safety licenses are current and requirements are reviewed at least annually.

Domestic Kitchen Food Processor License

Aunt Becky’s is a Domestic Kitchen Food Processor, licensed through the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division. The license is renewed annually and is valid through 6/30/17. License number AG-L1028919DKFP.

A Domestic Kitchen Food Processor License requires several food safety measures including

  • People – No one other than the licensee are permitted to engage in domestic kitchen processing
  • Pets – No pets are allowed, ever, in the same building as the domestic kitchen
  • Children – No children are allowed in the kitchen during domestic kitchen processing
  • Storage – Separate food storage and separate kitchen equipment are required for business
  • Labeling – Products are labeled in accordance with US Food & Drug Administration labeling requirements
  • Cleaning – Kitchen equipment is rinsed, washed and dried in a dishwasher, rinsed again in a sterile solution and air dried

More information on domestic kitchen requirements may be found at the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division, website

Food Handlers’ Certificate

Due to the nature of the products sold, under Oregon law, Aunt Becky’s employees are not required to obtain a food handlers’ certificate. However, in order to provide additional assurances to our customers regarding product safety, Aunt Becky’s does maintain a current food handlers’ certificate. OR Food Handlers’ Certificate #2016-o956007, valid through 11/7/2019. Food handlers’ guidelines cover personal sanitation, cross-contamination and food temperature. More information on food handlers’ certificates and requirements may be found at the Oregon Food Handlers website

Canning Methods

Aunt Becky’s uses traditional water bath canning. Only pristine and sterilized glass jars and rings may be reused. Lids with rubber rings are always brand new. The rubber ring is vitally important to ensure proper sealing and sterlization of products. After canning, each jar is inspected for proper sealing and product stability.


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