Robata Apricot Fruit Spread

Apricot Fruit Spread

Robada apricots with blush peachy pink skin make sweet-tart Apricot Fruit Spread. Check out the description below the photo. These apricots are the foodie apricots for fruit connoisseur (fruit lover).   


Ideas for Enjoying…

LA Weekly Blogs: What’s in Season at the  Market: Apricot Flame Wars + Tenerelli is Back describes Robata apricots perfectly. “The sun-exposed skins redden with a heavy blush, making some of the fruits almost half red and stunning. Size-wise they’re practically a handful, rivaling some nectarines we purchased earlier. But here’s where the Robada shines. Imagine getting the mouthful of flavor that you’d find in a dried apricot — a potent concentrated mouthful of sugar and well-balanced tarty zing — but in the juicy and fresh flesh of a just-picked fruit. Refractometer readings put the sugar of a ripe Robada near 20 brix. For reference, that’s nearly the sugar level of a good pineapple. Now add elderflowers and honeysuckle. And on the finish, a slightest bitterness that reminds you of juniper berries. It’s a flavor you sit with after each bite, and there are about five of them with each fruit. You have to slow down and pay attention. The size requires that you bite into it, not just pop the whole thing in your mouth. The firmness requires that you chew, slowly releasing all its nuance. The color appeals to the eye. And the scent is floral and complex.” Yup, that’s them.



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