Heirloom Navel Orange Marmalade

Heirloom Navel Orange Marmalade is Aunt Becky’s newest flavor upgrade. Heirloom Navel Oranges are special; they are sweeter than regular navel oranges and have no seeds.


Sale 25% off in June

As promised, all products are 25% off on Aunt Becky’s Etsy shop in June 2017. Prices reflect the 25% sale so you don’t need a special coupon code. All inventory available is listed and is available while supplies last. 

If you live in the Portland area and want to meet me for delivery in June, please order from the Etsy shop and use coupon code PDXSHIP to check out without shipping costs. Thanks for your support. 

Aunt Becky’s Sabbatical & Sale

Aunt Becky (that’s me) will be taking an extended sabbatical.  After much deliberation, I have decided to take a long term break. I can’t say when or if I’ll be making jam for sale in the future. I will continue to teach classes at Multnomah County libraries as requested. 

My micro business “plan” has always been to continue to make jam for sale as long as it was fun. I still enjoy crafting new flavors and making jam occasionally when the mood strikes. With a full time job and my lovely garden, jam just takes up too much of my time and energy. 

Current inventory will be available at a 25% discount beginning June 1st from Aunt Becky’s Etsy Shop. 

Thank you to all my family and friends for your support over the past three and a half years. Thank you to my fellow vendors for your suggestions and input. Thank you to my customers: it has been my joy to meet so many new and interesting people and I truly appreciate your business. 

Crafty Wonderland May 20th

Crafty Wonderland is Saturday, May 20th from 11am to 6pm at the Oregon Comvention Center. The Oregon Convention Center is located at 777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, Portland OR. 

Aunt Becky’s is stocked up with favorites including Honeycrisp Apple Butter, Meyer Lemon Marmalade, Raspberry Pomegranate Jam, Cherry Pie Plum Fruit Spread, Caramel Pear Butter, Peach Bourbon Jam and more than ten other flavors!

Like the St John’s Bizarre, Crafty Wonderland is a great snap shot of cool artisans who believe in Keeping Portland Weird. There’s something for everyone at the annual May and December shows. 

Crafty Wonderland is one of my favorite shows, and I look forward to it every time. Stop by Aunt Becky’s booth and taste some samples. 

Franz Bakery

Franz Bakery is a Portland institution. Like many elementary school kids growing up in Portland, my second grade class went on a field trip to Franz Bakery. The grand finale was a free mini loaf of bread for each child. It was adorable. A-DO-RABLE! I’m not exaggerating. 

(My first grade school picture. Because I’m too lazy to scan my second grade picture at the moment.)

Growing up with three siblings, I learned at an early age to hide my chocolate marshmallow Santa from my Christmas stocking or it would disappear. So when I received my adorable mini loaf of bread, I knew what to do. I hid it. Under my bed. For three weeks. Until I was ready to eat it. Sadly, it turned into a mini loaf of black mold. I’m pretty sure I cried from disappointment. 

(From left to right, my little sister Heather, my brother Danny, me and my older sister Rachel.)

Fast forward to last December. My new work gives each employee a gift that you get to choose, based on your years of service, and order online. I was VERY excited about my hoodie sweatshirt. Unfortunately, I didn’t order my gift correctly and there was no gift delivered. My second grade self was so disappointed. I actually cried. I went into my boss Sarah’s office to cry privately for a minute. She was very kind even though I knew I was being a little silly. I told her about my mini loaf of bread. 

As part of my 2017 resolutions, I decided I would at least try to get a replacement mini loaf of bread. I sent an email to Franz Bakery with my story and my request. Mary, the tour guide at Franz, responded the next day. She told me that Portland no longer makes mini loaves of bread. But…the Alaska bakery makes mini loaves for special events and she would ask them to send ship a loaf to Portland in April. 

As my nephew Lincoln says when he gets excited, “Oh baby!” Mary was good on her word. I almost cried when she handed me a mini loaf of bread. 

Mary at Franz Bakery was generous enough to include FOUR mini loaves of bread, a sourdough loaf and a peach cobbler loaf. She also included a nice tote and a few baker hats. 

Heaven! More to come on how I shared and enjoyed my mini loaves of bread. 

St John’s Bizarre

Aunt Becky’s is excited to return to the St John’s Bizarre on May 12th from 10am to 6pm.

The Bizarre follows the 55th annual St John’s parade in the downtown St John’s neighborhood at the intersections of N Philadelphia St between N Lombard and N Ivanhoe St in Portland

Portland has several nicknames, including Bridge City, as a reference to the 12 bridges spanning the Willamette River that separates the City from east to west. The St John’s bridge designer, David Steinman, expressed a personal preference for the St. Johns bridge, saying, “If you asked me which of the bridges I love best, I believe I would say the St. Johns bridge. I put more of myself into that bridge than any other bridge.” I love the St John’s Bridge as well and chose it for a recent paint night date. I opted for a spring blossom picture. My boyfriend John painted the bridge with the all seeing eye (for you non geeks, it’s from Lord of the Rings). 

The City of Portland loves its bridges. Portland also loves Weird. “Keep Portland Weird” is a bumper sticker frequently seen around town. To celebrate the weird uniqueness that is Portland , the St. John’s Bizarre is aptly named Bizarre rather the Bazaar. Aunt Becky fits right in. 

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter! Little Miss Cora visited on Saturday for her very first Easter Egg hunt. 

    John showed her that there was candy inside each egg. A new precedent was set and Cora ate one piece of candy from each egg. 

    After finding her Easter basket, Cora threw each item over her shoulder or in front of her onto the grass. 

    Cora was most excited about “her own Peeps!!!”

    After the egg hunt, Cora settled in on the couch for her tradition of watching the Minions movie with John. 

    HTBS and Tuesday

    Today is a day in which I deviate from my normal happy posts about jam and the like. Today, is a day for a public service announcement. Today is a Tuesday. Today is a Tuesday when drinking a glass of sparkling wine after work and writing my thoughts is a great combination.

    Today is a day which I explain the term HTBS. The term was coined by my sister Rachel. Or rather, by my brother-in-law Scott (in secret, the reasons for which will become apparent immediately).

    HTBS = Hair-Trigger Bitch Syndrome

    A syndrome that is reflected in split second (or hair-trigger) negative changes in mood or response. The syndrome is typically experienced by women, but some men are impacted as well. The syndrome can result in an undesirable experience for a spouse, partner, child, friend, family member, co-worker, or even a person walking too slow and taking up a WHOLE aisle with a big cart in the grocery store.

    Symptoms of HTBS include general crankiness which is exacerbated by “the littlest thing”. Once the person with HTBS is triggered, others are immediately impacted. The person who experiences the greatest impact may not be the person who is the closest in physical proximity to the person with HTBS. Anyone in the building or accessible by alternative means of communication (i.e., phone, text, email, distant gesture) may also be affected.

    The person with HTBS feels like they “are on their last nerve”. People with HTBS often describe feelings of general irritation which can be immediately heightened by catastrophic proportions by a nearby person’s words, body language and/or ability to draw breath. Some examples of triggers for someone with HTBS include:

    • The sound of adjusting a pillow on the couch while watching a movie
    • Being the person close in physical distance
    • Doing something previously requested with a pleasant attitude (e.g., taking out the garbage)
    • Performing a kind gesture or act for someone with HTBS
    • Looking in the general direction of someone with HTBS
    • Eating chips or carrots with your mouth open
    • Breathing
    • Thinking silently

    The resulting combination of someone experiencing a HTBS triggering event and another individual includes yelling, eye-rolling, snarky remarks, huffing, the word “fine”, crying, maniacal laughter and other concerning responses.

    These are some general examples, everyone with HTBS responds differently. The variety of triggers and responses are what makes this syndrome so dangerous and unpredictable.

    HTBS often presents itself at the same time as Premenstrual syndrome (PMS). However, use caution when referring to PMS and/or this public service announcement at the time. HTBS can be dormant for days, weeks, months or even years and present itself with no notice. (The words “hair-trigger” aren’t included in the name of the syndrome for nothing.)

    After a triggering event (which frankly, is always a freaking mystery), the person with HTBS may appear calm. Be careful. Consider moving to another state and changing your phone number for a few days.

    Sigh. More sparkling wine for me. And maybe a time out.