Meyer Lemon Vanilla Marmalade

Meyer Lemons are sweeter than traditional lemons. They have a thin, soft rind and produce a marmalade that is delicious included in both sweet and savory recipes. Madagascar Vanilla Beans paste is added to the Meyer Lemon Marmalade during the simmering process and adds a subtle layer of flavor.




Aunt Becky’s Meyer Lemon Vanilla Marmalade is  made from citrus fruit from the Lemon Ladies Orchard in California. Each lemon tree is named after a woman who inspired the Orchard owner.

According to the Orchard “They (Meyer Lemons) are so sweet you can eat them without puckering. The fragrance is overwhelming. The skins are very thin and make for easy zesting. The juice is sweet and floral at the same time. These lemons are a cross between a mandarin orange and lemon dating back 3000 years. They were discovered in 1908 in China by Frank Meyers.”

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